Sweater Sleeves

Gang! I am just finishing up a set- in sleeve hoodie. Does anybody have suggestions as to sewing the sleeve seam before sewing it to the bodice or after the attachment to the body of the sweater. Thanks, Bill

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I like to attach the sleeve before sewing the sleeve seam. I think it makes it easier to adjust as you set the sleeve into the armhole.

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Thanks Keith... Sounds Great

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Hi Bill,

I tend to join the shoulders first (3 needles cast off makes life easy and looks neat) then lay the front and back out on a big table with then sew the sleeves in using mattress stitch. I tend too pin the middle of the sleeve to the shoulder seam (if the shoulder seem set equally) and you can see how much you need to stretch or gather the arm.

Once you'bve joined each sleeve top, I then do the side seem to e underarm and then the cuff to the underarm. I work this way cos if there's a bit of fudgin to do, it's better done at e underarm point.

Good luck


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David, Thanks so much! Sounds like your method will work..Bill

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Generally...you need a little bit more fullness towards the front of the sleeve cap..so I pin just back of the center sleeve, ...that gives me more ease in front...

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David, Thanks for the matrezss stitch suggestion. I did that and it has come out quite lovely. As a matter of fact I tore out my shoulder seams and re-did them in the same stitch. Their is almost a sort of magic to that stitch, I guess it is doing the stitching on the right side. Today I start another sweater.. I am going to make a turtle neck from the Queensland 2009 ( I think that is the year) using a Ironstone Mesa chunky yarn. I have finally finished all on my Christmas gifts for others so I will take the time and make something for myself.. Thanks again for your help...You sound like a pro at sweaters, which can be challenging! Peace, Bill