Teddy Bears

This is my Teddy Bears.
These are Christmas presents for the little ones.

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Ther remind me of.....

The Grateful Dead. Great work, I'm particularly fond of the white fuzzy one.

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REally sweet. Did you make up the pattern? Each one has its own personality. I love them.

Bill Carl's picture

Yes. I did make up the pattern myself.
They work up easy and in no time.

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They are fantastic, cute little bears. Great work designing and carrying out.

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I really like your teddy bears! What a wonderful gift. They will be treasured, I'm sure.

sundazzed's picture

Super! The greatest gifts come from the heart. Those look like they were made with love...

Christopher Charles's picture

I love making those bears. So quick and easy. I love the white bear with how fuzzy it is and the scarfs are a great idea on them. I might have to borrow that idea. Great job.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very cute little bears. I think the polar bear is the greatest. I am pretty sure the little ones will adore them.

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Bill Carl's picture

Thank You. They we're fun to make. They have their own personality.

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These are lovely - very warm and friendly. Well done, you! I imagine they are all going to deserving homes this holiday season.

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