Holiday gifts in progress

I'm furiously knitting away to complete many of these

and these

Happy Holidays


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I saved a copy of the twisted purl stitch. It has an interesting look.

I think you will like it. All my mother wanted for Christmas was some new knitted dishcloths. Mailed her three on Saturday, one in blue, one in pistachio and one in cream. The best yarn I have found for these is "I Love This Cotton" available at Hobby Lobby (and maybe other places for all I know). Happy Holidays

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These are some interesting patterns. Good luck with them for the holidays this year. For me, knitting and deadlines do not work very well (if at all). But I might work on these for next year's holiday gifts. Happy holidays to you.

These are some of what I call "a lot of bang for your buck" patterns. They make people ooh and aah and can be cranked out almost without thinking. Great for KIP.