Hi Everybody

Hi. I'm new to the site, thought I'd introduce myself. It seems like everyone just uses the blogs, it wouldn't let me post in the forum.
I love to knit, I started knitting a couple of weeks ago and it is incredible how much I enjoy it. I've been crocheting since I was a kid, and in the past few years have taken up spinning, weaving, naalbinding, knooking, lucet, but now that I'm knitting I can't believe I didn't start sooner.

Right now I'm just playing around with different stitch patterns, I'm about to start a new project with some soy silk I spun and dyed using an old shell pattern. I'll try to get my camera working (4 year olds like to throw anything expensive) and post a couple of pics when it's done.

Let's see, a little about me aside from fiber arts... I'm also heavy into aromatics and gadgets. I have a site that my girl writes on called Haus Of Waft for aromatics, and a site where I sell spy gadgets called The Stealthy Panda. (I'm also a web designer). I like to make incense, perfumes, and take electronics apart. I've been neglecting the aromatics for a while but as far as gadgets go I'm working on building a high power laser out of an old DVD burner, but I loaned out my soldering iron and the leads were to short on the laser diode to fit into the mini maglight I took apart. I might just buy a 1w diode after xmas, I'm trying to make laser that is stronger than the ones I sell. Oh, and I also like to carve wooden toys for my kids (4 yo boy and a 2 yo girl). I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.


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Welcome to the sight, you will find it very informing and helpful I am sure. You sound a very busy man.

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Yeah, I generally stay pretty busy. Energy drinks are really helpful, lol. Between all of my projects and my kids I sleep about 3 hours a night.

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Welcome and here's hoping you do take more than 3 hours a night to sleep. Still, I remember the time when I also burned the candle at both ends, wishing for more candles to keep going. LOL Looking forward to seeing your projects.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.