Two of my main presents are done.

Two of my main Christmas presents are done. An Afghan for my mother in law and an Irish hooded scarf for my wife. Both very fun to do.

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Great gifts. They will be appreciated.

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What lovely gifts.

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Very lovely gifts indeed. Congrats .

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You did a great job! I'm sure the recipients will love them. :)


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You did a great job! I'm sure the recipients will love them. :)


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This is one lucky Mother in law to have a son in law that will put in that much effort for her gift The cables are wonderful on the scarf. I've never seen a hooded scarf before. Did you make as one pc. or sew on the hood?

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Hood sewn on. Pattern from "Nikki in"

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Great looking afghan and scarf. Good job. I hope these gifts are appreciated. Happy holidays to you.

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Beautiful work! The afghan looks like it is light enough in weight to be very comfortable, but enough area to trap warm air to be cozy. That's a nice mix. Where did you get the pattern and what yarn did you use? Weight?


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Projects look great! (even if I did read the post as "an afghan and an Irish Wolfhound")

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I LOVE Irish wolfhounds!

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Looks great. I definitely want to try that hooded scarf idea.

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Very nice gifts, I really like the Aran pattern in the afghan!