top down knitting

i am ready to take the plunge

any recommendations for top down knitting? there seem to be a few and i wanted to reviews from the men on which ones you liked best


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I made my self a Sweater using Knitting Pure & Simple Pattern 991.
Neckdwon pullover for men.
It was real easy to follow. Turned out great.
You can find this pattern at local yarn shops, or on the internet.

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I use Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top and an internet site concerning top down raglans that gives sizes and approximate lengths to measure. There is also a chart of average yarn amounts for each size, based on yarn type. I never remember the name as I have it printed out in my knitting journal stack at home.

ETA: Found it. "The Incredible, Top Down Raglan Sweater" by Pamela McCreedo. The link is through the pattern section of WoolWorks.
Yet another edit: "The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater" [I should know better than try to rely on my memory on some things.]

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I vote for Knitting Pure & Simple.

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Ann Norling has a simple multi-gauge pattern. Most LYS carry her patterns...

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The old standard is by Jacqueline Fee "The Sweater Workshop" available on Amazon

And of course, there is always EZ.

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I used Barbara Walker's book for years but one of the problems i had was that i wanted to actually design my own sweaters and it is tough to put a stitch pattern into a raglan sleeve.
I know use Knitting The Old Way which has been a bible to me. It teaches you all the different ways to make a sweater. I basically knit from the bottom up. When i get to the sleeves i put three stitches on a holder and make a 5 purl steek for each sleeve. Then i run a couple of lines of machine sewing over the steaks and slash them open. Then i pick up the stitches and knit the sleeve to the cuff. Very easy.