A short row problem

Hi Guys,
I am doing 2 scarves at once, a reversible cable scarf and this new fangled scarf that spirals. I am having a problem understanding short rows. The pattern is all knit stitch (THANK THE KNITTING GODS) but I am not understanding how to read the pattern. The pattern reads as follows:

K20, turn, leave rem 5 sts unworked

There are only 25 stitches in the project. Now I am interpreting this row as K20, and then do the wrap with one of the unworked 5 stitches. Am I correct. I noticed that the stitch that is wrapped does not actually get knitted or purled until later in the pattern when I am instructed to K25.

Please help me to understand.


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That is correct if you pattern calls for wrapping. If it doesn't you are supposed to just turn your work. But being all garter (knit both sides) you have to get your yarn to the appropriate side and for that I would wrap just to give it a nicer finished look myself. Hope you enjoy your scarves!

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Thanks.....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

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Yep. leaving some stitches unknit and continuing to without them (I don't know which pattern it is) is a way to shape your fabric, building up a certain part of it. The wrapping helps to avoid a gap in the work. Note - usually (just in case you come to this in the pattern), when it comes time to knit those stitches, you'll have to pick up the wrap from the stitch and place it on the needle, then knit it together with the stitch. This will make it almost invisible. (There are several YouTube videos on this - just search for "knit wrapped stitch.") Have fun!

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Sometimes you don't need to wrap the stitches for garter stitch short rows if your yarn is thick enough to fill the gap. Still, it shouldn't make any difference if you do. Great job figuring out the instruction on your own, but I don't blame you for doublechecking with us on it.

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I feel you pain KnitRick lol. But seriously, I think this is a indeed a wrap stitch. Good luck with your project and do post pictures of your finished scarves!