Need First Project Suggestion

Hi, Gentlemen. I just finished a beginning knitting class (3-2 hour classes). Now, I get to do my first project. The teacher suggested that we not start with a scarf or at least if we do then do a scarf from a pattern. I would appreciate any suggestions!


A lot of people have started with dish cloths. They are simple and you can experiment with lots of cool stitches.

Good luck and be sure to post a pic of whatever you do.


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Hi Luke, For what it is worth,my first project, way too many years ago to admit, was a sweater in my school colours done in stocking stitch. I would get my Mum or sister to cast on and do a few rows to get started and then I would do up to the arm decrease, with both sleeves, front and back then one of them would take over and complete the decreasing etc. We did many projects in this fashion until I was able to follow a pattern and do the decrease my self. I found this to be very helpful. When I took up kntting again after a ten year break, I was living in an apartment that had a very switched on landlady knitting wise who also guided me. There was no such thing as a mens knitting group in those days, even though my grandfather knitted!! Hope this is of some use

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I wonder what their rationale is in saying "not a scarf". You might want to check out dishcloth/facecloth patterns - there are scads of them out on the internet for free - and most of them are quick projects - and you can choose one that uses a technique that interests you - lace, cables, texture, colour, etc.

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What about a simple cap knitted on circular needles. This could be easy enough and good practice to do consistent knitting and you would not need to purl. Lots of free patterns online for these as well. Welcome to the group!

Great idea. Thanks. This is the one I'm trying.

Thanks, Lars. I went to a local shop and the owner helped me pick out a pattern, needles and yarn. I'm getting started tonight.

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Lary you are in 'The City' perhaps a pair of mittens would work out for you. There also is a pair of garter stitch fingerless hand warmers (like mittens but no finger covering) in a book called 'Weekend Knitting'. I don't remember the author. Good luck and keep us informed how it goes.

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I've decided to try a hat for my first project (fingers scared me), but the book I got the pattern from is called "Hats, Gloves, Scarves", so project number 2 is gloves! Thanks, Chris.

Thank you, Gentlemen, for all your suggestions. I've decided to try to do a hat on circular needles. I went to a local shop (Urban Knitting Studio) and the owner was very helpful in helping me pick out a pattern (from the book "Hats, Gloves, Scarves by Louisa Harding), yarn and needles. I'll be casting on tonight. Wish me luck!