Happy Holidays Everyone

NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (5)
A little Holiday Weaving just for fun and practicality.lol.
NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (4)
Another view.
NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (5)


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Beautiful, Andy! And great photos. Looks like you're really into the weaving. Beautiful stuff!

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That's a real eye catcher. I like that way you lined it with satin. It's nice to see new technology being housed in such old-world traditional use of fabric. My son and I bought my wife a Kindle Fire for Christmas and this would be perfect for that as well.
Thanks for sharing it!


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I like the superwash merino bag and the liner is fantastic. It is also a good way to practice my finishing techniques for weaving. I started one in crochet, then frog, then knit, then frog, decided weaving was the ticket.

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I will post another one when I make one for my Nook Tablet.

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Holy crap Andy, is there anything you *don't* do with fiber? :) Really nice!

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I don't think so. The man is a Fiber God. Andy, you make me so damn jealous, yet I love seeing your creations. Thanks, I think...

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So is there a shrine to make votive offerings? An icon where we can hang littie knitting implements? Or maybe one of thoso tall candles with a little prayer? :-). Just joking around Andy, but know you are admired and appreciates!

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Thank You! I enjoy sharing my projects and gettins and giving inspiration. Weaving is a different kind of craft. I love my small loom, but I am hoping to make a big blanket with strips and see how it goes.

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Ha ha ha, I tell you that I keep myself well entertained. Thank You!

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Delightful work, Andy. I bow to your greatness. Seriously...you are most inspiring. Only thing is...I barely make time to knit, let alone get going with the rest of the fiber crafts. Hope you had a good Holiday; wishing you a great New Year.

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