Brickwork scarf

Thank goodness I remembered to take photos of this scarf before wrapping it up today!
It's a bias lace pattern of my own design, based on the brickwork aisle at the church where Bill plays the organ. And yes, men CAN wear lace.

More details here:

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CLABBERS's picture

That is a really cool idea! I'll bet you could sell that pattern. You should make a yellow one now for watching the Wizard of Oz. Thanks for sharing it with us. Really excellent stitch work.


AKQGuy's picture

Very nice! I like that color too. And hey, I like a fella that's comfortable in lace. Well, it depends on the lace I guess.

Bill Carl's picture

absolutely fantastic. I just love it.

Tom Hart's picture

Wow, beautiful! Never seen lace like that. Really beautiful work.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

That is an awesome design. I hope he receives many compliments for it. You, too. They are deserved.

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