Knit knit slip stitch

So I am not happy with this decrease. I am unsure as to whether I knit when I am decreasing at a purl stitch or if I purl the purl stitches...argh! I am considering frogging back to the first decrease and do a simple ssk decrease. Any insights, guys?


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If it is something you are not happy with now. If you go on and finish it you will always look it as a mistake. Even if you are the only one who knows it is there. That will be the first thing that you look at. So I suggest that you use a simple decrease, even if it is only K2tog or P2tog.
Have a Great Christmas and enjoy Your knitting. It's a Pleasure not a job.

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EZ always said that we are the bosses of our knitting. It sounds to me as if someone came upon a new decrease and designed a pattern around it to justify using it. It is your knitting so you should do what you want. Let's not be slaves to patterns.

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Howdy -

I wrote a response before but it was on one of the other instances - the question post came through 3 times and the other two were deleted, so I'm not sure you had a chance to read it or not. I also noticed that my indication of where to do the KKS got left-aligned in the formatting, which might have been confusing! So here it is, a lot more simply.

I tried this myself on in miniature; the problem is the term "KKS." It was indeed a Knit-Knit-Slip in the first two rows, but not after. Perhaps the woman who wrote the pattern just thought it would be "obvious" but if you're wanting to do a KKS each time it doesn't work. So, I would generalize and restate the pattern this way, more simply:

"Knit IN PATTERN to marker, then slip the next-to-last stitch over the last, purl last two stitches."

So, You start with this:

PP O kkk pp kkk pp kkk

Work it this way ("O" being marker, "|" marking the point before the stitches where the right will be slipped over the left stitch):

pp O kk | k pp kkk pp kkk
pp O kk | pp kkk pp kkk
pp O kp | p kkk pp kkk
pp O pp | kkk pp kkk
pp O pk | kk pp kkk
pp O kk | k pp kkk

The **S decrease is nice here because it works on either knit or purl stitches; it's "neutral," and gives a very distinct edge along the "purl groove" made by the last two purl stitches, whereas a K2tog puts a definite knit stitch in there, and you end up with the same issue of what to do when you have a kp or pk combination to deal with.

It will look a little awkward at first but once you progress it will shape up!

Hope that helps!

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Thank you!! Got it! This site is the best. Thanks for all the help!

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Let us know if it works for you!