My newest project is called "Stone Cut Hoodie" got the pattern from Creative Knitting magazine September 2010. This is just the back I am working on. I hope to start the front in a couple of days. This is my first sweater attempt. Making it for my roommate. I think she will look good in it. The 1st pic is of what it should look like. the second is what I have done so far.

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looks good

Bill's picture

Very beautiful pattern...you're doing a great job!

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I would say so far you're doing a great job. I like your color choice too. What yarn/colorway are you using?

andyz280f's picture

Oh sorry, I am using Berroco Comfort Knitting Worsted Weight Color 9724 (pumpkin). I read on one of the Knitting newsletters that I get that Orange is the color for 2011.

Bill's picture

I think it's the colour for 2012...so you're ahead of fashion....

andyz280f's picture

Yes you are right, 2012. I need to reprogram myself for 2012. Otherwise I'll be writing 2011 into the Spring. LOL

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How does the worsted weight feel in the hand? I used the comfort sock before and really liked it.

andyz280f's picture

I like the way it feels. This one is an accrylic/fine nylon blend. Soft, but almost feels like a cotton fiber. Remember I said almost.

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Looks good so far. That's a lovely textured edge. Keep up the good work. Stitch by stitch....

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LOL - I like what you said about writing 2011 into the Spring - I am the same way! Really nice pattern, and as others have said - so far, so good! Look forward to seeing a picture of the finished project!

Jonathan in DC

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Very nice, Andy. That pumpkin color is spot on. I look forward to "finished" pictures.

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