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Hi everyone on this site. Hope all of you had a good holiday....This past weekend, I started knitting a pull over vest based on the basic one outlined in Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns". I am starting to work on the arm holes and neck line. In the pattern, she indicates to "BO" but doesn't suggest "bind off" techniques. Can someone recommend some good "bind off" techniques here for a good clean edge? I just looked up "bind off" on wikipedia and there were several different bind off methods listed. Do people have their favorite or most reliable ones they use? Thanks for sharing this information with me. I bet I'm not the first person to wonder how to finish the edge of the knitting.....Cullen


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Elizabeth Zimmerman has a "sewn" bond off...haven't tried it, but it's highly recommended...

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I love EZ's sewn bind-off, and have used it for necks, sock cuffs, shawl edges . . . anything you want to remain stretchy. I don't think I would use it for an armhole, though. I'm assuming stitches will be picked up from the armhole, or a sleeve will be seamed into the armhole? I think I would want something more 'stable' than the sewn bind-off. Call me boring, but I would just use the most basic bind-off. Do it loosely, as you would not want the armholes to be constricted, but a plain bind-off (k1, k1, pass 1st k over second, k1, pass 1st over . . . ) will hold it's shape and give you an edge that's easy to seam, or pick up from. But I would definitely use EZ's sewn bind off for a neck . . . especially if you're someone who tends to BO snugly.

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There's a youtube of Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfnavSY2Rug

I'm with James on this - a sewn bind off for ribbing, necks, etc, and the basic bind off for everything else.

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I have used both bind off methods. The sewn bind off is a bit stretchier, but I feel the k1, k1, pass the 1 st over works great. Personally I most often p1, p1 pass the 1 purl st over. I am not sure what it is but the purl bind off for me gives me a neater bind off edge. Bill

I would use the sewn bind-off when it would be a finished edge, like a neckline or top of a sock. If it's going to be in a seam I use the K,K,po. HOWEVER if it's multiple stitches as part of shaping, I always slip the first stitch (then K,po) because it minimizes the "stair step" that you sometimes get.

I think the purl-wise bind off is smart because most knitters purl looser.

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Thanks for the suggestions and help (this is the reason I love visiting this site). I will try the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bind off for the neck. And use the most basic bind off for the arm holes. I'll post photos when I finish the vest. Happy knitting to all.