The Ansley is finished. 'Bout time.

I know, a month was a bit of overkill for a single sweater but in reality, it was only about three weeks. You see, I got the actual knitting done the day I returned to work, but I didn't do the seaming until the day after Christmas. Why you may ask? Because I despise sewing in all forms. Quite literally. Just not a fan. My mother did teach me how to sew when I was a kid, and I am able to sew when the need is there, but it lacks any form of enjoyment for me and therefore I do not wish my presence as I seam on my coworkers. So, I finally did the dang sewing, and this is where it lead me.

Whatcha think?

I'm quite proud of the damn thing myself. And now, I am done with the knitting of the poncho shawl, and as soon as it is done blocking and I get that bad boy's seam done, I will have pictures of it as well. I know, you're just waiting with baited breath, aren't you? Self delusion in moderation is really quite good for your mental health I hear. Actually, I am working on writing the pattern out for it. I have the charts for both cables pieces done, but there's those that aren't comfortable with charts so I'm writing out row by row instructions for it as well. Then I plan on writing it to a PDF file and providing it here if anyone is interested in it. Mainly, I'd love to see some other people takes on it since I ran with the basic shape from a pattern that was posted by someone else and did my own thing with the rest. I'm always amazed at a group of knitters creativity.

As for Wyoming, the winter wind that previously teased us with her arrival and gentle blows through our winter scarves, down our necks and past the wind flap of our toughest zippers, has decided to smite us with her gusts that arrived yesterday and done nothing but strengthen in the last day. It has made any outdoor activity such as dog walking somewhat miserable at best with cold deadened skin, to absolutely comical as you try to stay upright in a 55mph gust. If someone had recorded me earlier at the river with the dogs as I was blown across a patch of ice, I would find a way to post it here for your laughs. I know I felt ridiculous as I kept my feet, and I'm sure it looked as equally so.

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderfully relaxed and you are enjoying a couple days respite before the New Years celebrations begin. Stay Safe Kids.



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Beautiful sweater.
You may hate doing the seaming, but you do it brilliantly. I, too, hate seaming things and am currently looking for a sweater that has no seams. Surely there must be some out there. Your work is always so impressive. You should be very proud of it!

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Thank you sir, but I actually screwed up both side and arm seams. It wasn't until I was finishing the last arm that it dawned on me that I was doing the "baseball" stitch and not mattress stitch. I decided that it wasn't horribly noticeable and if it didn't bother me and it was my sweater, I wasn't worried about others noticing. But I did do the raglans that actually show properly.

Fiber trends has a couple different neck down raglans that are seamless. Check them out. The V-neck pullover was the first sweater I ever did. The V is a bit to deep for my own tastes but it's a warm sweater to wear for snowshoeing. I hope you find something that appeals to you. Happy Hunting!

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Quinton...WOW! Fab job. Ms. Jane Ellison would be so proud of you. It looks just like the pic in her book. I have hopes that I can acqiure the same results......

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You can, have faith! Just pay special attention to the neck. The math work is off but it's a simple fix. And if you are big in the bicep/deltoid area, you might want to consider adding gussets in the pits of your arms. I forgot the gentleman's name that also had such an issue and though mine is wearable, I did make a point to block that area out a bit loosely due the original try on being a bit snug there. Good luck, and remember to enjoy it!

Absolutely Brilliant!!


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Thank you very much!

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stunned and amazed.. LOVE the pattern on the shoulder. Very flattering

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The pattern on the shoulder is why I chose this sweater. I thought the whole design element of the raglan sleeve on the front back and shoulder was wonderful.

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That looks awesome. I want to make on like that.

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The pattern's title is the Ansley from the Queensland Collection book 9. The designer is Jane Ellison and I know you can purchase just the pattern and not the whole book.

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It turned out beautifully...and that's a handsome pic of you!

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Why thank you, on both counts.

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Here's a picture of the poncho/shawl/kappe blocking out.

From AKQGuy


From AKQGuy

There's the last seam to be done after it's all dry and wonderfully flat.

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The sweater is so gorgeous and it fits to a T. Lovely colour, choice of pattern and execution. You are my hero.

You have the right to be proud of this sweater. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of knitting.

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I can state that this sweater is indeed quite nice. Having seen it in the real world. Q did a great job with it and the cape is quite nice also. I really look forward to seeing it when it's done, as he was working on the panel when I saw it. Great job, Q.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great sweater, and it looks great on you.

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What is up with people and disliking sewing?!!! I just read this since I read your comment on my post about also disliking sewing... its horrible right?!! ughhh... On another note, i´m in my hometown for the holidays where its really warm, so naturally I'm jealous of your cold climate... ;)