Weaving Tails

I am so excited, I learned a new way (well new for me) of joing yarn when I run out and have to start a new ball/skein. It is called the Russian Join. Here is a link to the youtube video showing how to do it.
I am dancing around the living room singing "no more weaving tails" over and over again. My wife is looking at me like I'm crazy. Whatever! I like this russian join technique.


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And WHERE is the video of you dancing around and singing the the "No More Weaving Tails" song? That's what I really want to see!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Sad to say it's on the cutting room floor. LOL

Thank you for sharing this video and technique! I think this could also work for joining yarns while spinning and plying.


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cool.. I think I'll try this. Might be especially useful when using yarn whose ends are hard to hide when weaving in - like the viscose yarn I'm knitting with now.

Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait to try this.


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Thanks for sharing this. I love it. Can wait to go try it out on my next project. It makes it look seamless and it dsen't give it that bump you get when making a knot. I love it :)

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Your wife must not be a knitter! I hate weaving in tails. I usually just knit the tail of the old yarn in with the first 5 or so stitches of the new yarn, and then they are already "woven in." But when the yarn allows, the splicing approach is great, even less visible!

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She hasn't knitted in Years and years and years... That is how and why I started. If you want something a lot of times you have to do it yourself.

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I used this splice with my recent shrug. It worked nicely, especially in the border areas. For the lace section, I wasn't quite as pleased but it was successful enough not to take it out. I'll definitely keep it in mind for future projects, otherwise I'll weave in ends as I go along. Especially on yarns where the Russian Join wouldn't be effective.

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Here is another option for joining yarn and not having to weave in... The Russian is a good join, but it does not work with all types of yarn like cotton, fingerling etc.

Take a look at this video. I made the video, but did not invent the join. I found the written info on Lucy's Braided Join blog, and decided to make the video.


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Thank you I watched the video and theone for the two color join also. I am making a pair of Glommits for myself out of my stash and am using two colors. This I wil try. Your the best! :)