Xmas 2011 Challenge

Whether you are a newbie or ancient to fibre arts, including knitting, joining a group that gets together to share and educate is essential to advancing your skill set. Finding the right group is important too because you must feel the comraderie that will befall you. After testing many different sets I finally found a niche group that feel most comfortable belonging to.

Each year we celebrate the Christmas season with a pot luck luncheon and a gift exchange of fibre or fibre related articles. The amount of fibre is limited to what will fit into a sandwich bag and then the challenge is to create an article from that fibre. If the amount is not sufficient for a project an amount of other fibre can be added, however, it can not exceed the weight or volume of the original fibre. This is to avoid the distraction from the original fibre. This year I received a lovely amount of merino with bits of silk and firestar.

I have been on a lace knitting journey for several months and thought that something such as that would really make the colours and textures pop. So I spun the fibres first into a single and plied it with a single spun from Ashfords silk/merino sliver in pomegranite. The resulting yarn has a lovely drape and a very pleasing sparkle. For the lace I chose a pattern from the summer 2010 issue of Spin-Off magazine published by Interweave Press. The pattern is called Horseshoe Cap designed by Janet Wray and is available for free online at Interweave.com.

I wanted the sparkly fibre for the body of the cap so I spun a two ply natural angora/merino fingering weight yarn for the ribbing. I chose the angora/merino blend because the ribbing will be sitting on the forehead and the angora will lend extra silky soft warmth. An easy pattern which should not take up much time and with the amount of yarn I have, I should be able to complete two of these caps. One for me and one for a gift.

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Very nice. I hope the cap comes out nicely...it looks like a lovely design.

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