Hello world!

I am back! I have not been on for a while and even back then I was much more of a luker than anything else. A lot has changed in my life and I am so excited about the comming year. I am just finishing up my divorce, it has went very well we are both adults and are not into fighting. I came out to everyone! Big ol' Merry Christmas to everyone. Lost some friends and some family, but time heals all wounds so I have hope. I got the child, house, and yarn shop in the split. I hope to be full time at the yarn shop in about 6 months. right know I have a great group of people to support my efforts there. Now I will be able to put this design degree to work. This year promises many new adventures, including the next mens retreat! I cant wait! Happy New Year!


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George, Welcome to MWK. And welcome to a much deserved Freedom. Been there, done that about 37 years ago...Yikes at first but the best decision ever!! Peace, Bill

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Hope all goes well for you, George. Lots of big steps there.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Hello George and welcome back to MWK. If I understand your post correctly, what you have experienced over the past year has taken great courage and strength on your part to have come so far in your own personal self awareness. Those family members and friends you have perhaps lost may not be lost at all but simply misplaced temporarily. Patience and understanding is not something we are born with but is actually learned behaviour. This was my realization as a result of my own growth in self-awareness these past two years. Over time, you should continue to pass on your patience, understanding, courage and strength to them and they will learn from you. This will make your world a better place for you and your child. Best wishes on your endeavours with the yarn shop.


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Hi and welcome back, yes these are big steps and you are off to a running start. All the best in your new future, big hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Welcome back George. While comeing out has its difficulties, the rewards are many. Good luck with your future.

Thanks everyone for your support.