I dislike sewing in loose ends very much.

It's ironic that I just finished my first double colored ENTRELAC scarf.... And sadly I have a lot of sewing to do.... Just one thought.. What comes first, blocking or sewing? I really don't sew and then block and have to re sew lose ends.... It's my first project with stomach sewing.
Just in time for new years :)

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Sew first, then block. Most animal fibers "full" a bit. Their fiber tends to fluff a bit with the blocking process and help hide ends. On an item like that I would sew all the ends in leaving about a half inch extra. Block out to desired size and then when it's completely dry, trim the ends down closer. Good luck!

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Nice knitting. Quinton has the best advice on this...I try to avoid sewing as much as possible.

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I pretty much hate all finish work, it's just one of those necessary evils. Beautiful entrelac though.

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Your scarf is lovely. And yes, you have a lot of ends to sew in. I used to hate sewing in ends until I started sewing them in as I went along. Really after an hour of knitting you have only a few ends to sew in. Sew them in before you put the knitting down. REally 5 ends are not as daunting as 105. I do a lot of colour work and really when I finish the article there are only a couple of ends to weave in.

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I agree with Ron and tend to hide my ends as I go. One for sanities sake at the end of a project, and two, i hate having them dangle all around on a larger piece. I typically knit a few rows after a skein/color change and then weave them in. And I forgot to say earlier... Great scarf!

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Beautiful scarf! Really nice. I pretty much save my sewing for a night in front of the TV watching favorite shows or a movie. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, as Julie Andrews put it. And for a scarf as beautiful as yours, it will be worth it!

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to my unfortune, the internet in my town went away for a couple of hours so I couldn't read anyones suggestion ... I went ahead and blocked and left the ends as they are. DARN!!! ... at least i know what to do next time =) Its all dry now so I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be a very long and excruciating day of sewing... nothing a little merlot can´t help with.
Im REALLY looking forward to going back to school next week in Monterrey where it gets freezing cold sometimes!!!!
Thanks guys ;)

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thanks for all compliments