Tired of sewing in the ends?

Hey guys, I came across this video on Ravelry and shared it on Facebook's DC Men Knit page. It got such good feed back I thought I should share it here, too. It's called a "Russian Join," and while it does take a little work at the time, it eliminates the sewing in of joined yarn at the end of the project. Plus, her accent and her nails are to die for! You can find it here:


Jonathan in DC


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i'm glad i wasn't the only one to notice her nails.

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WOW, That was a great ad for Lee Press-on Nails, pretty in pink and she definately know how to work them, ... and the "Russion Join" theory is interesting also. I will have to try it! Thanks.

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Why do you say she has an accent? I didn't detect any at all.

The Russian Join is a good join, but it does not work with all yarns. It also can come apart in washing as has happened to me with 2 projects.

I found another join on Rav called Lucy's Braided Join, and since there was no video, I made one. This join does not have the bulk that the Russian join has, and once a few rows are completed you can hardly find it within your work.

Here is the video and if you want to join more than one colour if you look at my other videos you will find joining 2 different colours.


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I love the braided join. It's now my join of choice. No knots. No weaving in ends. Suits me down to the ground.

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Very cool Lorraine! Thanks for making a video!

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Thanks Jonathan and Lori, it looks like both of these techniques could come in handy depending on what you're knitting.

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This would be really good for yarns that won't let you do a felted join.

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Thanks Jonathan and Lorraine. I've used the Russian join (so far with success) when knitting with cotton or super wash wool, but have never tried the braided join. I look forward to using that too. Best, John

Happy New Year all, and I'm glad I could help out...

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Thank you both for this. It is good to know this join and I will definitely use it in the future.

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