I can't believe I'm knitting a scarf!

Since I started knitting I've NEVER wanted to knit a scarf. But going through Son of Stitch n Bitch I ran across the Antler pattern scarf. Following the weight recommendation, I thought the scarf was just a bit too narrow for northern MI winters. But its just perfect for the autumn.
A nephew of mine saw the scarf I knitted and has since commandeered it (I have to say I really do get a lot of compliments on it). So being the talented and generous uncle that I am (how ya likin' that modesty?) I decided to do an adjustment.
What I did was repeat the entire pattern and added a second cable section between the repeats. Its coming out wonderful! I'm so loving it. And the scarf is coming along really well. Will post the pic of it when its finished.

Happy New Year!


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Congrats. Looking forward to the photos.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looking forward to the pics. Love the Antler pattern, I have used it often in Aran Afghans......