Journeys first pinnacle

I have complete the Horseshoe Cap design by Janet Wray with the fibre I received at the Guilds Christmas Gift Exchange. If you are interested there is more on this at my blog.

As I am a beginner in this journey I believe I can be allowed some imperfections in my knitting so please do not be too harsh. I am my own worst critic and I expect that I will have the method perfected as time passes, which these days is a true and constant companion.

I wish everyone a happy new year filled with personal growth, love, peace, prosperity and health.

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I see not a thing to criticize. Beautiful knitting and spinning!

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You did a great job. It looks wonderful.


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You did very well. Just beautiful. I love something that is hand made. When I get a gift that is hand made, I feel like a special person to receive it.
Happy New Year to You !!!

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Very nice work. Good blending of materials and pattern.

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