Soliciting Sock Suggestions

I would like to begin making socks using circular needles. I know that DPN patterns can be adapted, but does anyone know of any patterns out there written specifically for circular needles that a novice might be able to understand? I appreciate it.



Bill's picture a search for "magic loop"...that's usually using two circulars...if you're just using a nine inch can use any pattern...

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I know you already know this, but a pattern is a pattern, and you can use ANY pattern for socks. It does not matter one little bit whether you are using dpns, 2 circulars, the Magic Loop, pencils or anything else. A sock is a sock is a sock!!! You still need to knit them one stitch at a time, with two pointy sticks! And what those pointy sticks look like really have no relevance at all. None! In fact, you can even use straight needles.

Heck, I've even used circs and dpns at the same time on the same row on the same sock! The sock knitting police didn't come by and arrest me, didn't even give me a warning, for frankly, I can do whatever I like, and they can't say a thing. The ultimate goal is to have the sock completed, and how you do it, or what tools you use is of no concern to anyone at all.

All you need to know is how many stitches to cast on. THAT you will get from your gauge swatch. After that, it's just a matter of pulling those loops through other loops, and eventually you get a sock! Well, okay, sometimes you need to follow directions, but we usually have to do that.

The first thing is to get you to knit a tube. The rest will just naturally fall into place. Honest.

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What Tallguy said. I don't know why a pattern would be any different for circs than for dpns. The construction technique is the same. You go round and round. Just ignore the part where it says "divide the stitches" and maybe place markers or something.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Tallguy said it perfectly.

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I don't know anything *specifically* for circular needles, but for me, a pattern like "Nemesis Sock" (see earlier in my blog) that has two repeats of the pattern per row, one in front and one in back, is ideal for circular needles because the pattern isn't broken up and you can see it taking shape more easily. Then again, if someone is new to that kind of pattern knitting I could see appreciating the break because it would divide the pattern into two smaller chunks. (In that case, I'd draw a vertical line through the pattern to mark the location of the break, and avoid starting on a new needle with a purl stitch.)

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There's a Queen Kahuna self published book that is specific for this technique but to be quite honest, it's not a particularly well organized book and has A LOT of useful but extraneous information that can be confusing for someone just learning. Wendy Knits also discusses this technique in her toe up socks. I'm sure there's more out there but those are the two I know of. I hope you find someething that works for you. Most of the things I found were for toe up two at a time. I myself found that I prefer doing my socks cuff down two at a time on one circular and just kind of made it work.

Good luck,

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Check out Knit Picks, they have several tutorial patterns for making socks with circular needles.

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Get yourself the book the Magic Loop. There is a pattern in there to follow. It is real simple to use. You can use any sock pattern on circular needles. Sock Needles in Circular are 10 to 12 inches round. I have a couple pair in different sizes. One that I made the sleeves of a baby sweater on. It makes it easy and you will be able to follow the pattern just as you would on Dps. Instead use markers. Have fun.

Hope this link works.


I just love you tube


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Thanks everyone! That's all very good advice.

I have a very easy solution! I knit mine on 9" circular needles! No fussing with the 2 circulars. Only drawback is I can knit just one at a time but that's actually faster than messing with the constant changes with 2 circus. Just google 9" circular knitting needles. I have them from 0 through 9. Happy knitting!

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Hi Mark,

I use the Ann Norling pattern that Bill suggests. I’m a little phobic around patterns but Bill walked me through this one the first time I did it and now I use it every time.

I use magic loop for all my “in the round” work and I use it for the Ann Norling “Adult Basic Sock” pattern too. The pattern is written for use with 4 dpns, i.e., three needles to hold the work and one working needle. When I use the magic loop for working this pattern, I simply pull out two loops instead of one and so the magic loop acts just like three dpns.

Good luck, Tom

PS This is a one-sock-at-a-time, cuff down pattern.

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Here's hoping you enjoy socks, Mark. I use Magic Loop but have done 2 circs. Still, my favorite method is using 5 needles.

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I knit all my socks two-at-a-time from the toe up using the Magic Loop method. That way I know that I have enough yarn to cover my foot and the socks are completed at the same time. All socks follow the same basic formula, so you can add any pattern you like to the legs. The possibilities are endless!