Happy New Year everybody !!
Is somebody can help me to find a classical pattern to knit socks with 4 needles - 2,5mm.
I don't find what i need on Internet.
Thanks... and don't forget to knit each day !!


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I highly recommend the basic Ann Norling sock pattern...available at most knitting shops.
...the pattern has multiple gauges in you can use it with many type of yarn.

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You can also try the Yarnharlot/Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's good plain sock recipe in her book, "Knitting Rules!"

You can also look at this pattern. The Universal Toe Up sock formula by Amy Swenson on


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Hi Piplette,

I use the "Adult Basic Sock" pattern by Ann Norling that Bill suggests. It's written for use with 4 dpns: three needles to hold the work and one needle to knit onto.

All the best with it, Tom

Joe-in Wyoming's picture is also a good resource for socks, along with Both have links for very basic sock patterns. I do recommend starting with larger needles and thicker yarn so you can see what is happening while you are learning. Then you can move on to thinner yarns on what my one friend calls "toothpicks".

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Sweet Tomato Heel Socks

Cat Bordhi has a new e-book out about her newest technique. It has 3 short rowed sections, is very smooth (like a tomato) and uses a new an improved short rowing technique WITHOUT wraps. Here is a video link to the

Happy New Year to all and welcome to all you newbies. I don't post a lot but and a constant lurker.

I have just turned a heel using this method and it was the easiest, neatest way of turning a heel I have ever tried. I highly recommend it.

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On Mon, 2012-01-02 at 13:04 — superi wrote:

You can also try the Yarnharlot/Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's good plain sock recipe in her book, "Knitting Rules!"

I highly recommend this. The instructions are clear and helpful and give you the knowledge and skills to make any kind and size of socks you want. Instead of a pattern, it's a seminar on sock making. Very good.

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I used the basic sock method from ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN's Knitting Without Tears book. This has served me well for some years.

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I have a PDF for the Universal Sock Pattern which is what I learned on and have used for years - it's all dog eared and full of notes and coffee stains even though I keep it in one of those document protectors. Anyway, Google Universal Sock pattern and it will show up as a PDF that you can down load or I would be happy to email it to you if you let me know your address on a private message. It tells you "how to" with any size needle from 0s to 7s (you'll have to figure out the metrics on your own) using five needles and then there is an addendum telling you the forumlas for four needles. It's a truly comprehensive and basic pattern for top down, flap heal socks. It's a free copyright by Katherine Tewson by the way. Seriously, I'll be happy to email it to anyone.

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Hi. This past summer, I taught myself how to knit basic socks using Ann Budd's book "Getting Started Knitting Socks" (Interweave Press). The book has a basic pattern for several different gauges and sizes. The book has very clear step-by-step photographs and illustrations of each of the step in basic sock making. Your local library might have a copy. If you are a visual learner, I highly recommend this book. Best wishes with the socks. Happy knitting......Cullen