checker question...

hi all.
im thinking of knitting a scarf in a reversable checker pattern using alternating boxes of St st and rev St st. does anyone know if a piece like this would lie flat, or curl up? thanks :)


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Since the pattern variates between knits and purls, the scarf will lay flat. There may be a little curling at the edges between squares, but a good blocking will even that out. It won't curl up into a long tube if that's what you're worried about.


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It would lay flat, depending on how large your blocks are. The rule is that you need an equal number of knit and purl stitches in the row -- or nearly equal. The tendency for the knit stitches to pull in one direction is countered by the pull in the opposite direction by the purl stitches. These need to be relatively close together, such as in moss or seed stitch or ribbing, or even in basket-weave squares as you are planning on doing. Keep the blocks relatively small (perhaps 3-7 stitches wide). I would think about an inch wide would be sufficient -- anything larger than that will cause some rolling.

You CAN counter that by using a border of seed stitch or rib of 2-3 stitches at the bottom and along the sides. And of course, blocking will flatten minor curl if you are using an animal fibre.

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Quinnlan, if you're really into two-color reversible work, someday you may want to check out double-knitting. There's something about a rich, double layer of completely relaxed and drapey stockinette stuffed with a springy, purl-bump filling for awesome cush that just does not get old.

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thanks for the suggestion! i've actually tried double knitting before and i do love the look and feel it produces. i've knitted an argyle scarf using the technique and would love to try making a beanie.

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Wow! A double-knit argyle scarf?! Sure would love to see a picture of that. Where'd you get the pattern?

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yeah! it looks awesome and i wanna knit another in different colors. i got the pattern from the book "Son of Stitch 'n Bitch". its the book that pretty much inspired me to start knitting