Stitches West

Came across this three day conference in Santa Clara, CA feb 23-26. Anyone know anything about it? Anyone going?


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This is an annual event. It also takes place in several other regions of the U.S. I've not attended this one. However, I attended one very similar in Portland about 10 years ago. Since you're in the Bay Area, you should go. If not for the classes/seminars, you can visit the Market Place. Lot's of vendors....yarns .... watch your pocket book!!! Check out their website for more information.

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Stitches West is great fun!
The classes fill up fast and are expensive...but the vendor marketplace is HUGE!
It,s a wonderful place to see the newest yarns, tools and books...

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I have attended twice, stayed on site. Classes are expensive though I have enjoyed and learned from both. The marketplace is huge, first year never saw the entire event. Second year took a map wrote notes that way I would find a vendor I liked. Easy to spend a lot of money. I would buy take up to the room till the corner filled and I had to cart everything down to the car.