Men learing to knit video

Here is another men knitting YouTube video I think you can all relate to. This video certainly brought back lots of memories when I was beginning to learn to knit. I can remember being as awkward and clueless in the early days; it just doesn't show the many times I threw the bloody knitting mess across the room! I think I could have named this “I laughed. I cried.” The funny thing is that I still look this way when I'm learning some new knitting technique – fumbling, hesitant, not really comprehending the instructions and then, throwing it across the room.



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They look so cute! Like little boys. I have no memory of learning how to knit - it was so long ago - but when trying to figure out something really different I'm sure expressions show it. I also cuss a lot - like a sailor.

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When people ask me "What do I need to knit?", I always add, "A finely-tuned vocabulary of profanity." When they laugh, I just look at them. It's gotten to the point that when I'm knitting and my partner hears a strafing of f-bombs, I hear across the apartment, "What's wrong? Oh, wait, never mind. I'm going outside."

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I saw that a few years ago. Miriam is a very fast knitter, holding the world's speed knitting record. Have you seen her knit?

Here is some up and coming competition for her title:

Did you this "speed demon"? Reminds me of Brenda knitting on the plinth.

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That was way cool. I definitely remember some of those moments, relearning to knit after a long hiatus or learning a new technique. I also sympathized with her. I remember lots of difficulty trying to teach middle schoolers how to do that first loop.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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That's too funny, I get the same thing or a stern "Put it down and breath!"