Beer Is Good For You...

My best friend was going to Des Moines and needed a gift for 2 friends of ours. Being that they are both like us and have no problem finding the bottom of a drink, we wanted something special that they could use while drinking. So I Googled Knit Beer Cozy Patterns and found several choices. These 2 were my favorites.

The beer cozys were a big success and both Iris and James squeeled like a couple of girls when they got them.

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Very nice!!! It reminds me that I need to crank out some more wine socks before Christmas!

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OMG! They are a hoot! I love the little sleeves and fluffy cuffs. Thanks for sharing.

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Those are fantastic! How fun!

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Pricilla, queen of the dessert bottle dresses. I LOVE IT! BRAVO!