The Thistle is spreading

I'm starting to work on my Christmas knitting again, after three projects pre-empted my other work. While I'm still trying to finish a tweed scarf for my partner's possible emergency trip to Oklahoma, I've managed to double the length of the thistle lace scarf.

The lace pattern was kindly shared by Scottly. (I have yarn for the wheat ear lace, but have to finish the Christmas gifts... hopefully by the end of February....) It is done in Noro yarn, I think shirikaba. It is on size 8 needles, but they are Kollage squares, so it is probably closer to a size 7 or 7.5.

It will be a gift for my sister-in-law.


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Beautiful coloured yarn.

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Thank you.

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very nice, where did you get the pattern?

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Thank you. I asked another user, Scotly, where he got the pattern, and he sent it to me. He did a short scarf in what I think was a fingering weight yarn. The next day on Ravelry I saw a scarf that looked cool... and used the same lace pattern!

I'm not quite following this pattern, which is for chunky yarn, but it's a good base.

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That is a beautiful yarn and truly compliments that stitch pattern. Hopefully you will get to continue working on it, and I hope everything in Oklahoma and with your partner are okay.

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Thank you, I plan to, and thank you!

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Whooooaaa......shiny purple yarn. In a nice pattern, too. Congratulations.

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