New socks...

New socks... just finished...
Have a nice day... :-)

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Very nice looking sock. Keep up the good work.

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Very cool socks man! I am impressed!

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nice socks. Love grey and the other colors go well too

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Those are some good looking socks. Great knitting. I agree that yarn colorway is very nice. What is it if you dont mind my asking.

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Wonderful socks. Yes, I, too, would be interested in the yarn you are using.

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Thanks to all of you...
It's an italian yarn... "Confetti 100" - 75% wool / 25 % nylon ... color 3308
See you later... xx :-)

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Thanks! I'm going to have to look that up here soon and get myself some.

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Nice looking socks, I really like the color choice of the yarn.

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Beautiful color and impressive stitching. I really do have to try socks soon.

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These are really nice and I agree about the colour, well done!

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They look great!