KAL with Handmaiden

This was KAL and the only stipulation was to use Handmaiden fibre. I had a couple of skeins of silk and cashmere so I designed this scarf using the "Lily of the valley and Spruce" pattern from Estonia Knitting and I substituted beads for "nupps". I was going to add a edging border but had a major melt down over it lol. Maybe I will add it later.

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Beautiful work (as always), Dennis. The beads sure add the crowning touch. Isn't that luscious yarn?

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Yes Ron it is really really nice, it was 2 ply and I snapped it a couple of times....I am just way to heavy handed at times lol.

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Truly a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! The lace pattern is a very eye-catching design. I can imagine that a 2-ply yarn might break when you least expect it, which could certainly cause a good deal of angst. The substitution of beads for nupps is a nice touch. A lily of the valley would be proud to sport those little gems. Thanks for sharing such a labor of love!

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Thank you Mark, yes for me knitting is a true labour of love, I knit several hours a day every day and still find myself getting up at 6 in the morning to knit in the quiet of the days begining lol.

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Beautiful! I too have been known to use beads in place of baubles or nupps. A good pattern with nupps can be quite pretty, but baubles are absolutely useless in my world. You found some fantastic beds to compliment the yarn wonderfully. Fantastic work.

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I really like the way the beads compliment the yarn and stitches, yet stand alone. Great knitting, Dennis.

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