Fiberguys: Male Fiber Artists in America - Featured Profile: Aaron Bush

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce a new feature on my website - Fiberguys: Male Fiber Artists in America! The paper I wrote back in 2009 is published there as well as the base for a series of profiles on guys who work in fiber. First in the series is our very own Aaron Bush - an amazing guy from NY, Aaron was generous to share his time and allow me to learn about his love for fiber so that I could share a bit of his story with others. If you're interested, read about the profile posting here:

I will be doing more (many more) profiles. If you are interested in being featured, fill out the signup form. Here's a link to that form:

Happy Knitting!



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Great Job! I will be adding you on my blog list to keep up with. Thank you so much for not only diving into this endeavor, but for sharing it with us as well.

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Good start! Good Article!

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Sounds great...I look forward to reading it.

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