I knit, therefore... you are warm? :)

I have been a knitter and a part of this community (mainly on Facebook) for some time now, so I figured I could introduce myself shortly :)

I like making things with my hands. Before knitting, I didn't to get to do that much, as I work in front of a computer my whole day. But when I was very young, I was always crafting something of paper and such. And of course, there was Lego-building!

But lately I have been feeling that craving to do something manual again. I had pottery class in my head, but the classes weren't a good fit for me time-wise, so I was searching for a new hobby.

Then - I was watching the movie called Demolition Man. You remember the scene where Silvester Stalone is for the first time out of cryo cell in his new home and starts knitting, as he had the knowledge uploaded to his brain as a therapy?

I figured I could give it a try. Needles and a ball of yarn - what an inexpensive experiment. If I didn't like it, I could throw away few bucks worth of items and be done with it.

So I found on YouTube some tutorial and made few swatch abominations and love it so much. Then I decided to do my first garter stitch scarf with two colours. It was short and narrow, but I wore it with pride, even when it started to unwind itself. I had made that, I told people and they didn't believe me! (the scarf in the pictures is the first official project ever!)

The next project was with bulky yarns, which I so like. I found out about circulars and decided to do a tri corne hat for my mom as a Christmas gift. It was a funny and nice hat and she liked it. I had some yarn leftover, so I figured I could learn that decreasing and make me a beanie!

After that I did some mittens with rib stitch, that my friends wanted too, so I made some more. It was fulfilling to be able to provide other people with something to keep them warm. I often joked that should some apocalypse arise, I would be the town's knitter!

I made more hats for my friends and headband for a daughter of my mom's friend who liked my knitting.
Now I am making my first sweater, nothing fancy, simple stockinette pieces sewn together - but it will be the greatest sweater ever created, because I made it!

So everytime someone tells you not to watch stupid action movies, send them away. Because you never know what you might learn from action heroes...

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Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Welcome, Jacob. That is a nice scarf and it is fun reading about your first adventures with knitting. I look forward to hearing more as you go along.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome home :)

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Jacob, you are very welcome. I hope you enjoy it here. Every one is extremely helpful. You did a great job on the scarf. Keep up the good work.

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Great to meet you, Jacob.
Your beginnings in knitting echo a lot of our many of our addictive crafting. It's such a therapeutic hobby that it so swiftly becomes an integral part of our lives. You should use the photograph as part of your blog. This is a wonderful group of men and so eager to help. I also used a lot of YouTube videos as well because there just aren't that many knitting groups around me that meet at the times I can join in their circle.

Welcome to the group!


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As an echo to the other welcome. The world can use more creative and productive guys with yarn and needles at the ready. We look forwqrd to seeing more.

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Welcome, Jakub! Your post reminded me of my own beginnings in this craft only two short years ago. It is indeed an amazing and astounding craft to be getting into. And it's great to have this world-wide men's knitting forum to check into. And Mark's point about the YouTube videos is a good one. They've helped me quite a bit.

I'm curious about the traditional knitting method in the Czech Republic. Have you ever seen very old people knitting? I wonder what method they use...

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I enjoyed reading about your knitting journey. And know how you feel about knitted articles to keep yourself and others warm. Good luck in your adventure.

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Welcome Jacob.

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May I add my welcome as well. I am so pleased that you find knitting (and it's addiction) as wonderful as myself. It has been a while since I enjoyed such a blog. You are doing great and let see some more work. Another site that is helpful is "knittinghelp.com" Happy knitting!