Knitted Royal Wedding

Came across this today as I was watching Graham Norton clips. :)


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I remember the buzz this pattern book made when it came out. This was great fun. Thanks for sharing it.

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When I had a chance to look through the book I thought to myself, "What a silly bunch of patterns. They'll sell a bunch, though, simply for the novelty."

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Seriously funny!!!!! I particularly like Josh Groban serending a knitted molestation.

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Imagine if someone had the Royal Family as friends and foresight to get them all to autograph 100 copies of the book. The Family may be able to remodel one of their palatial homes with the money they could make on eBay!

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OMG that was hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

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This book actually sold out each of its 3 printings! I bought a copy of it just because I'm a monarchist (the Queen is our head of state here after all) and it's a fun addition to my library. Interestingly enough, someone on our NZ auction site TradeMe (like ebay) has knitted several sets of the dolls and has sold them easily as fundraisers for some charity. I enjoyed the show clip - even if they are republicans! Thanks for sharing.

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