Foray into Fair Isle

Hey everyone,
Here is my first attempt at knitting fair isle. I designed the color pattern myself from a hat pattern used at a class taken at my LYS, Piedmont Yarn. I chose to end it with three-points and bound off using the three needle method (so cool). I love the way it came out - and my niece is going to love it!

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AKQGuy's picture

That's a very cool looking hat. I'm sure she will enjoy it. I like the way you bound it off.

Kerry's picture

Congratulations on you Fair Isle, I like those colours very much and the three points look fun.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

That is a fun looking hat. I think the tripoints give it a lot of character.

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scottly's picture

I want to see it on her. I love the shape and the colors.

Bill Carl's picture

I love that hat. Great pattern. You chose a real neat pattern for fair isle.

ingauge's picture

You have a lucky niece, Paul. She will love it, it's a treasure. You did a terrific job!

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Excellent! Congratulations on the fine example of stranded knitting, especially your own design work. Welcome to the (addictive) world of colour knitting!

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That is a wonderful hat and such lovely work. I am sure you will be doing more colour work.