More Knitted Boxers Guys

Hi Guys,
Remember the Skacel knitted boxers KAL ? Well I joined in quietly at home - but never quite got round to finishing the project. At last I have finished mine - in time for the winter weather - and they are great. I'd really reccoment the pattern to anyone who has not knitted boxers before - great fun ! They'd be ideal for playing outside in the sunshine in the summer too - or for keeping warm underneath in the winter. Whatever floats your boat. More pics on my ravelry page.

Cheers lads.

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Most interesting. Still, I doubt I'll be knitting any.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Super, I am going to try a pair!

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I keep wanting to knit those as full length pants...great for chilly evenings at home...

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I got the pattern, bought the yarn and I was going to do the KAL but all that straight knitting looked too dull to contemplate. Is it more fun than it looks? I love warm boxers so I'm sure I would love wearing them. What yarn did you use? Didn't the pattern call for Trekking sock yarn? I was going to knit them in Berrco Comfort Sock - I wasn't sure about wool up against my stuff. Anyway, great job! I may have to have a go at them.

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I have a USM and could do up much of the work fast, but the gauge on my smallest plate is probably too large for sock yarn.

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