It is 3:50 am and if I could sleep I'd be in bed, but I can't so instead I thought I'd post pictures of "Loxley," my latest Stephen West project. It's a sort of scarf/hat thingy and has the unusual feature of making it's wearer look endearingly medieval (or at least it makes The Best Beloved look endearingly medieval, but he's rather medieval to begin with). It took me forever mostly because I had elbow surgery smack dab in the middle of it, so I had to put it away for a while. It's constructed in three sections and, like other Stephen West designs, is both simple and rather ingenious. This is knit with Noro silk.

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Great yarn choice! I think Loxley looks better in variegated yarns as opposed to solids.

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It's 3.30 am here and I can't sleep either! I like this garment very much. It suits Best Beloved very well (and, it's good after all these years to finally see a photo of him!).

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Great knitting. I like the concept of this and it looks so warm and comfortable. Beautiful choice of yarn.

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The best beloved is nice looking. The scarf is just great. I am considering getting the pattern for myself. I think it is just great. Good choice for yarn and best beloved.
Have a Great Day and keep knitting.

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Just the thing for a northern winter and BB looks to be enjoying himself in it.

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Very nice photos. And it does look like one of the caps shown in illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages. Great job and thanks for sharing.

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