Help Tim raise $1,500 for the AIDS Red Ribbon Ride

Our very own Tim Tenclay is raising money for the AIDS Red Ribbon Ride - which will help to fund AIDS Care Rochester ( He has a goal of $1,500... and he's currently at 13% to goal.

He is going to ride 400 MILES over 5 days - the least we can do is make a donation! :)

Having been on the "asking" end of this type of fundraiser, I remember what it was like to get a donation (no matter the amount) from friends online. That support is what drove me to continue train while preparing for the Los Angeles Marathon. Let's support Tim and show him that we are all behind him 110%!

Any donation amount makes a difference (and it's tax deductable!) - please give, then share his link with your friends - knitting groups... facebook... wherever you can. Let's do our best to help Tim succeed!

Here's his link:

THANK YOU, everyone, for donating...

and THANK YOU, Tim - for raising money for such an amazing organization!



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Wow, Kyle! Was totally not expecting this - thanks a ton!

AIDS Care is awesome... As a matter of fact, I found out today that they've just been awarded Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home Designation! The work they do in Western NY is amazing. (People often imagine all of NY=NYC without realizing that most of the state is rural and often struggles for quality resources that are often more available - or at least more visible - in the city.)

In any case, your post was totally unexpected; I appreciate it deeply!

Grace and peace,

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I LOVE Tim. He made it possible for me to have a warm jacket for this winter. He's been an awesome friend, a wonderful, kind hearted man who thinks rarely of himself, and who apparently makes some amazing bread. SO! I'll toss in what I can, and DEFINATELY spread the word.....EVERYONE! TOSS IN A FEW TO HELP TIM HELP OTHERS! GET ON WITH IT NOW! OFF THIS SITE, PUT THE NEEDLES DOWN FOR A SEC, AND FOLLOW THE LINK ABOVE!

.....and on a more ridiculous note.....Tim? Do we get to see you in cute cycling shorts??? :)
Gregory Patrick

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he he... me in spandex is a frightening sight, but just for you, maybe I'll post a picture from the ride..... ;-)

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Yay! Presents!