More usefull lace!

For those of you who knit magnificent lace shawls in wooley fibers(wool,alpaca,mohair,etc.) why not work in #10 crochet cotton or linen thread (available at and create a round or square tablecloth? Your work can then be displayed and used on your own table and does not require a female to wear it! Also, cotton and linen are stronger and less fragile as lace.....heirlooms forever!


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Like Truman Capote, I wear shawls all the time. They are wonderful in this climate that cools off in the evenings and I always have a supply for visitors, both male and female. They hate to take them off when they leave.

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Amen! Who says a lace shawl requires a female to sport it proudly.

Great idea though. even if I myself enjoy the bounce of wool and other animal fibers. These poor hands get quite a bit of mileage on them and with larger projects I try to pamper them a bit. Cotton after long usage for me, tends to start to cause some join pain in both my hands and wrists. I tend to stick to smaller projects when I utilize plant fibers.

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I've thought about lace curtains knit from twine....

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I used to do a lot of the lace in crochet cotton. I just recently opened a box and found a number of them! Yes, they stand up to a lot more wear than does wool. You can use any weight of yarns, with appropriate sized needles, and make a glass coaster, a doily, or a tablecloth, curtains, or even a blanket or rug! There are no knitting police that will arrest you for knitting lace in yarn other than what the pattern says!! You can even try twine!

I have nothing against fact I think that they look lovely in lace. I do not like men in lace. Truman Capote, Oscar Wilde, and Quinton Crisp are all wonderful authors and personalities, but they are not my fashion role models. I have knit many tablecloths, runners, curtains, valances, and household items in cotton or linen and prefer that they are not on ANYONE 'S shoulders!! Just a different way to utilize my skill and craft.

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I have a Shetland style shawl that is destined for my great-grandniece, Izabella. I designed it in honor of my mother - her great-great-grandmother. It is in fine crochet cotton and is the subject of many compliments when I display it. Truly a family heirloom - I hope. It is intended to be worn as a shawl and I'd be sad to see it as a tablecloth. Not that I don't care for knitted tablecloths; many of my vintage pattern books are full of designs that I really like. And I enjoy knitting them, especially doilies. So, to me it is a win-win situation.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Sounds like an advertisement