Tracey Ullman on NPR

Tracey Ullman was interviewed on National Public Radio's Morning Edition today about her new knitting book. It was good to hear the knitting content, but they essentially cast the craft as the exclusive domain of women. Anyone else care to correct their assertion? Text and audio can be found here, and they have an e-mail generator for people who wish to respond to any content from the show.


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*sigh* what's the point? The concept of "knitting is womens work" is being so firmly ingrained in the culteral consciousness that it will become one of the "urban truisms" such as "columbus thought the world was flat" and "Darwin taught that man is descended from monkeys" - both of which are false statements most people would claim as true.

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If someone said that playing golf was a man's birthright as Tracy said knitting was a woman's birthright, the sh** would hit the fan.

on page 95 She does mention in the book that knitting was possibly started by men, hunters & gatherers and they knitted nets to catch fish!
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I saw the book at Borders before I read the transcript of the NPR interview. I must say the book (at a five-minute perusal)didn't have any designs that appealed to me. It seemed very "girlie". It's a chick-book! :)
Has everyone ordered and received their REAL MEN KNIT dvd? I thought it was nicely done.Some parts a bit macho-ed up but that's okay. You guys in large metropolitan areas are so lucky. I wish I had a men's group to go to!