flipping a cable

Stupid question of the week - you have a pattern for a cable - but want to work the garment the other verticle direction; do you just work the chart top down ?

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I just knit a sweater from the top down and put a wide celtic braid down the front. I just followed the chart as I would if I were knitting the other way. Most braids and cables look the same from either end. Check out the one you're doing and I am sure it is probably the same flipped upside down.

Uh, well, no. Mario, Mario, MARIO: A cable pattern is symetrical. Well, I'm spouting that because I can't imagine a case of an asymetrical cable. I just don't have that "Dali" gene . . .

So: if you knit it up OR down it will still be the same configuration.

NB: depending on your WS rows, you may end up with a mirror image of what the intended pattern was to be, but: who's to know from the back of a galloping horse???

Just my US$0.02 worth.
~Mike in Tampa ( who's given up worrying about the minutae of linear knitted recipes. He says "knit it. Who the Hell cares about rules? If it looks good, marry it!") See? I need to be moderated, I think . . . HA!


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you can reverse and work the chart from top down...
This is specially good when you have an intertwining cable pattern..several cables criscrossing and joining into one...

I recently did a poncho from top down...that way...