cricket sweater finally complete

it's from the gottelier, knitting and tea book

malabrigo, mostly, and undyed

lots of cable (too much)

i have never taken this long on a sweater before (started in august)

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ronhuber's picture

That is some beautiful sweater. What a lot of lovely cables. Congratulations.

chipsir's picture

This rerally is nice, I know what you mean by to many cables, I am suffering the same thing with nupps on the Happsula Shawl

Bill Carl's picture

Just wonderful. It is terrific.

Congratulations one one beautifully cabled sweater.

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Looks Terrific!! I am in the process of a intense cable sweater, about half done, and I agree ... A long project, but definately worth the time...

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Those are a bucketload of cables. But a great looking sweater. Congrats.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Are you doing cables in your sleep yet!? Wow...that is a stunning sweater.

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What a masterpiece! Congratulations.

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I think I have developed cable thumb if there is such a thing :)

we put birds on things