Anyone in Memphis?

I've just relocated to the Memphis area and am looking for a Men's Knitting group on Rav... Trouble is there doesn't seem to be one. Is anyone else in the Memphis area and interested in joining a Memphis Men's Knitting group with the aim of a monthly knit night?


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So glad you are still around. Are you settled in yet? Hope you find a few knitters to meet up with.

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Hey Rusty,

We did get moved to Memphis between December 16th and January 6th -- long story. And we're temporarily in an apartment with half of our stuff while we work towards closing on our first house! We found a beautiful brick home here in a Memphis suburb that I just can't wait to fill with yarn!

Speaking of which, thank you for being so nice to my sneaky wife when she decided to get me that spinning wheel for Christmas -- I appreciate it. We picked it up from Doug in Atlanta back on January 19th... I'm in the process of finishing it with some Danish Oil and then it'll make an appearance on the blog.

Looks like your business with Heather is really taking off -- congrats on that! You two are really turning things out.