Latests Scarf from Son of Stitch and Bitch

My latest attempt at a scarf. The pattern is from Son of Stitch and Bitch but I chose darker, more wintery colours: A dark blue and a lighter three-colour wool to contrast with it. I also added a Welsh Dragon to the centre - just for fun.

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Oh this is nice, you are much better at this than I am.

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The scarf is lovely, Simon. Beautiful choice of pattern and colours. Has spring arrived in Wales?

I wish I could do the colorwork as easily as you seem to be able to...I'm still getting there!

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You are all very kind. And I am definately not better than you chipsir - your scarf is great and I love the colours you chose. Unfortunately Spring has not arrived just yet - the sheep are still shivering in the fields and not willing to give-up their wool just yet!.

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Lovely colours Simon. Your dragon will be popular in Wales.

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Great knitting and that dragon is fantastic. Is there a chart you used, or did you come up with it yourself?

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LOVE IT!!!!!!

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Amazing work!

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WOW! Stunning. Really stunning. Would love to hear how you did the dragon. Beautiful work.

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Love the Welsh dragon! ...I'm working on a waistcoat with griphons that look a bit like your dragon...never realized the similarity...

Simon, I love your use of color, and I think the pattern is one that people are going stop you and ask you where you got it. Hope you kept that original.


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Thanks guys for your kind comments. I started by drawing a dragon (copied from our local newspaper's heading) by filling in blocks on a piece of squared paper and just copied it using red for the dragon and blue for the spaces - I'm pleased with it and it was fun to see it emerging from the knitting as I progressed. As it is double-sided knitting I should really have used Red and White - that way I could have worn the Red Dragon at home (National Symbol of Wales) and the White Dragon (English National Symbol) when I go back and visit my family in London!

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Thanks for explaining the dragon. I am very tempted to work up something for a future project.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Awesome work! Very impressive dragon. I have not yet tackled any kind of color work but this is inspiring.

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very impressive. Actually scarves are the only thing I can say I knit well, but nothing like yours mate. hats up