My first silly knitting tutorial.

So, I've been selling my teddy bear pattern on Etsy and Craftsy, and thought, "hmmmm, maybe I could do a little video or two to help with some of the technique." LOL! I am such a dork on video. But, if you'd like to see my tutorial on embroidering the face on a teddy bear, head to my blog and check it out :)


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Patrick this is a fantastic video tutorial. You did a fantastic Job! Thank you, I appreciate the tutorial.

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Hey Patrick!
You are quite natural on camera...well done! The tutorial was very nicely done and you did a great job in taking things slowly and logically. It was also great to see you sitting in an apartment! We exchanged a few emails before when you were unsure of where you would be living. It was great to see you sitting among your things and so comfortable in your own skin as well. As always, I am always pulling for you. You constantly inspire me, not only because of your creativity, but most certainly because of your persistence and dedication to your personal beliefs! Thank you for that.
Keep filming and teaching. It was great to get to see you move and hear your voice.