me with tote

picture of me with tote is cuz my knitting store had a contest and I won. Not a bad tote. I need something to keep all the tons of little scraps together.. My problem is that I am not organized enough to know what the little tiny remnant is. So if its not cascade, it wouldn't felt, and stuff and so I'm not quite sure what I"ll do with all my little remnant balls and stuff. Any ideas? Thanks



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knit a pillow and use them to stuff it.

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cool idea. I"ll look into that.

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You can just knit them all into some sort of project. You can either knit small sections (like a row or two) or strand them together and just knit a multi-coloured afghan. Or find out what they are made of (do the burn test, or the bleach test) and use them into some other project.