A Bear in the Making


This Is a Bear in pieces and it is the pattern from  Gregory Patrick.  The name is The Bear That saved Me , you can visit his Etsy Shop HERE and get one if you like. Is a PDF. SO far this has been one of the easiest Bear patterns I have seen out there. Simple and to the point and you get a Teddy Bear.  I say you can make this Bear in a couple of days. I am at the Face part and he has some great Tutorials as to how to do the embroidered nosed and eyes that are worth your time. I am using my handspun and that is part of the fun. Thanks for stopping by!


Bill's picture

He looks delightful, Andy!

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

What a cute silver back bear, Andy. Looking forward to the finished photo. Is he for you, or a special gift for someone else?

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I just purchased Geoffrey's pattern last week, and can't wait to knit in and crank out one - they look great - and their birth story can't be beat!

scottly's picture

That picture is so macabre. If you weren't a knitter you might suspect fowl paly in the toy box.

Bill Carl's picture

What a neat bear. !!!!!!
I just want to get the pattern and make one myself.
I sure do like your kilt also.