Drama Drama Drama *Not particularly knitting related*

This weekend was the spay and neuter clinic that I always try to volunteer form and for the second time I drug Bob along for at least the first day. It's only fair that way, right? I didn't make him assist with unpacking/set up and the second day and packing up, so I thought I was being nice.

About three o'clock on Friday as we were both working recovering dogs after surgery, Bob received a call from the cops stating they thought someone was in our house. He ran home to deal with that while I took over his dog he had been working with. About an hour later it dawned on me that I had left my cell home that day so I had no way for him to contact me so I took a break and headed home myself.

I was greeted with the flashing lights of three cop cars, a K9 unit, an ambulance and a fire truck as I turned onto my street and had just walked up to a cop on scene to get a status report of the situation when they brought out a stranger on a stretcher. I was both hoping for some good dog bites, and that they weren't to hurt. I was informed that the man had entered through our dog doors and went downstairs where he climbed through a closet into the ceiling and took all of his remaining drugs to OD. Then, my wonderful darwin award deserving guard dogs kept the cops away from the intruder... Really guys? you let a druggie in, but keep the cops out? Much less, who in the hell crawls into a Great Dane sized dog door? Must have been some good drugs.

We also found out that the guy had broken into several neighbors, stole a pair of shoes and wrecked his truck in the alley off our street before making it into our house. I love this meth ridden town... I guess I just don't get the attraction to drugs myself. I'll stick to the occasional glass of wine.

The worst part of it all, in his overdose frenzy as the cops pulled him out of our ceiling, he vomitted blood and drugs up in the closet itself and on one of the footstools I use to stash fiber and sit to spin. Luckily, my fiber stayed safe within the stool.

Like how I brought that back around to knitting? Anyway, that was my weekends fun, wish we would have just kept it at the clinic.

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And if I could have brought one of these kids home, this little boy Oakley was such a cute little love. He wanted to cuddle before and after his procedure and just so sweet... Last thing I need but darn I would have loved to have taken him home.

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Wow. You have a Great Dane? How awesome is that?!!?

Glad no one was hurt in all the excitement, except for the knucklehead who broke in. I know how unnerving it is to come into your neighborhood and see all sorts of emergency vehicles parked at your place. My next door neighbor took her life a few years ago. (It was not my fault.)

I agree with your assessment of the golden retriever/yellow lab. You should have taken him home. You could have named him "Bandit," given the weekend's activity.

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Is there a particular reason we would think that your neighbors suicide could have been your fault? Do you have wars with your neighbors?

Here are my kids.

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From left to right
The Cat Smudge, Dammit Emmitt, Tucker F*$&%#, The Great Delay Sullivan and The Grand Dame Shiela (16yrs and still kicking butt)

As for Oakley, he's the last of the above pictures, the little black and white border mix. I think I have a thing for black or dark colored dogs. I seem to either have spots or mostly black dogs, which is god since statistically speaking black dogs are harder to adopt out. I realized not that long ago that I have a theme going in our house. Maybe a goldie or redgish colored mutt needs to be our next adoption to help even out the color spectrum. Even the cat is a dilute calico so mostly gray.

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Which one is the boss?

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I bet it's the cat!


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The Grand Dame of course. You don't get to 16 in this house of rambunctious boys by being a softie. And the cat is a close second followed by Emmitt and the other two boys are still figuring it all out but I have a feeling the great delay is winning. Tuckers just a puss at heart.

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All the kids are delightful. But the Grand Dame Sheila is definitely head of the herd.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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OMG - your post had me laughing - but I'm so sorry at the same time! Wow, what drama. I'm really thankful no one was hurt and that you didn't lose a lot of stuff. We've been broken into three times and it's really so disorienting (we now have a 6 foot wooden fence in the back yard and a kick ass security system, plus a sign out front that reminds people that we have a Tibetan Mastiff inside...and have had no break ins since!).

Wishing you a really great glass of red wine,
Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Yeah, the whole situation had me laughing too. I was even laughing as the cop was telling me how my dogs stood them off. I've already had the glass of red wine as well as an evening at the movies with friends so all is good. We have a six foot fence and like I said, who in the hell crawls through a Great Dane sized dog door? Now the poor great delay barks every time one of the other dogs or cat goes through the door and wakes him up. Some days.

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And all of this in Casper, Wyoming? I have to tell my friends whose mom lives there to be on the watch. I'm surprised that your hugh dogs didn't get to this thug first prior to the cops. Spooky, to say the least.
We have been protected for 11 years by the watch dogs that lived next door as people could not determine which yard the loud barks were coming from. Unfortunately, both Logan and Gabby have passed and only a minature dachshound lives there now and she can't even scare off a misquito. Love the photos of the dogs. How is Neville doing?

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Last night we actually called in a silver Oldsmobile Cutlass that seemed to be circling the neighborhood. As we were leaving the house for our nightly walk they pulled up across the street and sat there. When we stopped and watched them they drove off and went up a couple of blocks before circling. Bob ended up going back to house while I finished the walk with the dogs. As we wound through the neighborhood I saw the car three more times doing the same thing in front of other houses (non of them were for sale, I thought maybe they were cruising looking for housing). When I got home I told Bob and he stated that while he shoveled he saw them again and decided to call it in. Maybe we're paranoid but we figure it was better safe than sorry.

Neville is doing well. I somehow didn't get a picture of him. He was neutered on Saturday and was as sweet as ever though completely freaked out upon arrival. Saturday it seemed was just a day for horribly behaved dogs as well as aggressive dogs. We had several smaller or more timid dogs cowled on arrival by large snappy nasty ones. I have no idea why Saturday seemed to be the day for them. But he did well and his training is coming along slowly but surely. He's just a young guy with a lot f energy but he's now leash trained and doing really well on basic commands. I think in the long run he'd be a great agility dog. I'm going to start adding him into our walks down at the river to get him a bit more socialized to strange dogs and how to greet appropriately.

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Great story for a Monday morning. Thanks! My weekend of serious numbers of little kids all over the house feels way tame in comparison. Oakley is adorable...... I'm astonished that he didn't want to be cuddled during the surgery too. Can you still take him home today?? His contribution to Friday's scenario would have been to teach the Danes how to properly welcome any and all guests equally. The poor drug addled visitor would have had no need to retreat to the ceiling. I assume that our Golden would offer a robber coffee in the good cups!

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Oakley has a home and I assume that they would not appreciate me stealing their kiddo. Besides, I'm still worried with all the cops in the house on Friday that we are going to get cited for having to many animals for the city ordinance. Thankfully the cat seemed to dislike the noise so she took herself outside and disappeared until things settled down again and dinner time came around. Otherwise they would have seen we are two full animals over the limit.

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Thank goodness you had your priorities in order - the fibre in the footstool was safe. Yikes, what a weekend.

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My fiber is always a priority. When I moved to Casper from Anchorage AK I had my tub with all my yarn and knitting stuff disappear from my freight and it never re-appeared.

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Now that is a major loss. I travel back forth from Mexico to Canada with a tupperware container of my knitting needles and they must be worth a pretty penny. I always am glad to see my suitcase on the belt. I hope your things were covered by insurance.

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Holy Toledo! I'm glad none of the babies were hurt and I hope the pitiful fool didn't die. But I wish Sully had reacted as he usually does with me...maybe it would have scared the guy off. It's always shocking when this goes down but doubly so when it happens to friends.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I know! Of course I don't if this guy was with it enough to be scared of a 116lb dog growling at him... To be honest, since we've had our cars broken into once, an attempted break in of the house and now this actual break in though no theft or real damage was done, I'm getting even more tired of this town and want to move. I'm thinking something even smaller is due. Orcas Island is looking better and better. I wish.

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deleted by author

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Ouch! I am so glad we live in the country. Glad to hear no one was hurt!

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but Sullivan has a #1 fan!

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Now I have puppy fever - my husband will assasinate me if I bring home a third child.

Wow, everytime we've been broken into it's been minor and nothing was ever taken but I still felt violated - I can't imagine what it's like to have someone break in and then OD. My paranoia would last a while.