The Basic Vest - My first truly fitted knit

Ya'll are just gonna have to hear all about it because I refuse to do this alone. NativeDavid turned me on to "Knits Men Want" by Bruce Weinstein and I can't agree more with NativeDavid when he says "I love the patterns, the colors he chosse, and the way he handles gauge." Anyway, I went to the LYS in search of the perfect yarn for me -an earthy color but still lively, would go with anything in my wardrobe which is, like most men's wardrobes, mostly navy, OD, and khaki - some black and gray as well as brown. Oh, and lots of white shirts. I'm a little boring.
This is what I found,

Alpaca With a Twist, Baby Tiwst in a kind of nutmeg color, #5003 to be exact. This is my swatch. The lys ladies made me promise to not only make a swatch but to make big swatch and soak and block it. This is $72.00 worth of exqusite yarn - I want to give it every chance. I'm so greatful I made that I made that promise. My guage turned out to be five stitches per inch not the six that I thought it would be on size 3 needles. Not a problem with Mr. Weinstein's book since he has every possibel guage you might possibly need all mapped out in easy to read grids.

I've got the bottom ribbing done on the back side and I've started on all the boring stockentte. It's not bothering me though because I've psyched my self up for a tedious advendure and the baby alpaca is sooooooo cool to knit, if you could spin and knit water this is what it would feel like. More later.


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That's a wonderful and helpful book!'ll be very proud of the sweater...Bruce has a ravelry group...same name as the book...great place to ask questions and get help...

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Thanks! I'm sure I'll need help.

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You chose a lovely colour. Good luck.

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That is a nice color to accent the others you wear. Lots of luck with the vest.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That's a very handsome color! I agree that the stockinette stitch in large areas can be gut wrenchingly boring, but I think keeping it consistent and smooth is quite the test for any knitter. I made a baby blanket in all garter stitch and tore out a great deal of it from time to time because of the inconsistencies. Sometimes I think that a more complex pattern is much more forgiving. I'm sure yours will look beautiful!

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I think you are completely right - it's like sewing staight on a sewing machine is the hardest thing to do and boring as hell. I too have trouble getting a large flat area of stockentte to look nice and even, but thank God for blocking it has this miraculous way of evening all those bumby stitches out. Sadly, I'm already tortured by the banality of the stockentte stitch and with only four or five inches done on the back side. I just keep imagining the finished product in my mind's eye - I hope that sustains me.
Maybe I'll start a nice little pair of lace socks on the side for when the teduim becomes unbearable.

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I often try to have a plain project going at the same time so I can take a break. Or for times when working on a big item really isn't feasible because of time and/or space issues. Of course, I often read at the same time when doing plain garter and/or stockinette, relying on muscle memory to have it all turn out okay.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I am sooo glad you took my word on the book. When starting a new project, I look there first. And the guys I know who've thumbed through the book always ask me to make them something. Bruce is dead on with men's tastes.
Luckily, I got that book when I was a beginner (ok, I'm still in my rookie status) becuase the hoodie sweater is the only sweater I've done by hand, and it's soooo clear in the instructions you'll never get to a point where you have to wonder about it working out, it does. I don't think that you'll have a hard time with the vest at all. A long time, you'll probably have, but not a difficult one.

ps. I got some alpaca from a local farm and textile place not too far from my house (I believe in shopping local) and am dying to use it in a vest myself. Although yours is a much prettier color, I got the dark chocolate brown.

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Is it the natural brown? I love that color. We have a local alpaca farm here in MO and I've used that before - lovely.