Zane Gray socks

These were my travel project for the last several months which means I only worked on them on long driving trips, meetings, in between big project or when dummy at the bridge table.

They are knit in Wildfoote by Brown Sheep Co. on size 0 needles. They feel really cozzy as only hand knit socks can. The big question is - should I keep them of myself or give them away? Hmmmmm


ronhuber's picture

Your socks are beautiful. I wish I would have had them this afternoon, I could have knit an inch while one guy was deciding what card to paly. I have never taken socks to bridge but will from now on. Thanks for the tip.

scottly's picture

Knitting is great while playing Scrable as well.

CLABBERS's picture

If you need someone to give them to, I'd gladly send you my address. They really do look comfy.

michaelpthompson's picture

Is this what I miss by not playing bridge?

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

scottly's picture

That and so much more, there's bridge mix, tally cards, the intense desire to throttle your partner, sitting with or against the bathtub, doubling and redoubling, rubbers, grand slams - the list just goes on and on. Take it up - it's a great game!

bobinthebul's picture

Very nice! I like the maroon-gray combination a lot, esp with the tweedy yarn (just finishing up a pair like that myself tho with darker gray).

I'd keep them if I were you. :)

scottly's picture

Oh good, that's all the encourgement I need - they're mine, all mine.

Do post yours when they are finished - I want to see them!

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very lovely socks. I have some Wildfoote in a dark green/brown colorway that I've yet to use in something. Maybe something similar to this?
All my friends are used to me knitting as we play Scrabble [or other games]...They know I'm getting serious when the needles get put down and I really pay attention.

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