Fair Isle Help

I have just started a new fair isle project where I'm changing to two different colours of yarn every three rows. What's happening is that I'm getting little gaps where I change yarn. Is there a way to avoid this?




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Do you mean at the begining of a row or in the row itself?. If it is at the begining twist the two yarns so they wrap new colour around the old colour and continue to knit or purl with the new colour. If it is in the row bring the new colour up under the old colour so it carries it with the first stitch of the new colour. Hope this helps

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Can you post a picture here of what it actually looks like? I do believe I know how to resolve that for you but I want to be sure we are on the "same page." Thanks!

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Hey guys. Thanks for the help. I think I got it figured out....well, let me get through a few rounds and then I'll know for sure.

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